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Take your yoga practice to the next level. Your teacher will listen carefully and work with you to design a personalized experience. Consideration and care is taken to incorporate a mix of postures, movements, breathing techniques, awareness exercises, deep relaxation, and mediation that will best fit your specific needs. After each session, your teacher will share a written plan and notes for you to practice at home. Sessions are typically 60 or 90 minutes. 


All yoga is therapeutic; however, private yoga therapy uses the eight-limbed system of yoga and holistic approach to your physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. Kari Sims Anthon is a Certified Yoga Therapist, and often works in conjunction with and as a compliment to your other health care providers.  Yoga Therapists complete a specific, comprehensive training to gain the necessary skills to read and understand your medical diagnosis, are familiar with a broad range of physical and mental health conditions, and have the knowledge of what yoga practices to prescribe relevant to any particular diagnosis. The postures and practices are customized to your ability, comfort, condition, injury, illness, and therapeutic needs. Yoga therapy is not only for those with a specific injury or illness; but is also beneficial for those who may want to dive deeper into their practice with focused, one-on-one attention with a Yoga Therapist. Sessions are typically 60 or 90 minutes. email to schedule today!

We also offer private class in our boutique studio, or at your location. A fun and unique way to celebrate with personalized bachelorette and wedding parties, corporate retreats, weekend getaways, sports teams, and other group functions. Contact us for details.

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Join us again in Summer 2024 outside at Black Butte Ranch and Lake Creek Lodge in Camp Sherman! Barre will continue year-round weekly at Black Butte Ranch, inside the Glaze Meadow Rec Center. is a registered yoga school and offers a 200-hour teacher training approved by the Yoga Alliance.

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Join Life.Love.Yoga. Founder/Director Kari Sims Anthon online at YOGAANYTIME for a variety of practices!

The newest season of TOO TIGHT TO STRETCH launched April 14, 2022 with new episodes being released for the following 6 weeks. In this season, we focus on functional movement and mobility so that you can move throughout your day with more comfort, efficiency, and energy. With Kari, you will explore joint mobility, spinal elongation, and flexibility to find freedom within your own body.

If you are a new subscriber to YogaAnytime, you can join for 30 days of free + unlimited classes using  "KARI" as your promo code!  Direct link to sign up here!

Kari also has 12 episodes of FLOW, SWEET FLOW classes available on the YogaAnytime video library. 

All private offerings continue to be available 7 days per week in our new Boutique Studio, via Zoom or at your Central Oregon location. Please contact us to discuss options and scheduling. 

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outside classes to resume summer 2023 

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keep in touch for upcoming workshops & special classes!

We believe that yoga is for everybody. We are committed to making yoga accessible and available to everyone, regardless of age, shape, fitness level, or financial status.

Our yoga school philosophy centers around finding your true, authentic self. Our training does not focus on one particular style or lineage. Instead, it exposes you to the great wide world of yoga so you can discover what speaks to your heart.  

Whether you intend to teach or not, our program allows you to dive deep into the practice and even deeper into yourself. Together, we explore the inner realm, the history and philosophy of yoga, the anatomy and energetics of the body, the science and art of the practice, and the beauty that surrounds us in Central Oregon. 

Please come join us and our beautiful community of yogis and yoginis. We look forward to practicing with you!